Ecology &
Free Technology

I'm PhD in ecosystem ecology with experimental research testing the effect of climate changes on the microbial community and the nutrient cycle. Former member of Aquatic Ecology lab of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and from the Bromeliad Working Group of the University of British Columbia, currently I'm researcher and developer at Lana, centered on free/open source technology and citizen science, and co-founder of Hacking Ecology, a group of developers and researchers building the most robust and secure system for water monitoring.

 > ecosystems in a UNIX Shell
  • Research and Analysis
  • Python, C++, LaTeX, R
  • Image Processing
  • Digital Fabrication

Recent Activitites

Some of the activities I've been developing in the last years


Hacking Ecology - The Open Source, Modular and Secure Probes for Aquatic Environments.

fractaL - A synesthetic approach on environmental data for digital litteracy and ecological evaluation.